Want List

Here is my want list.  I may not be purchasing everything on here at the time you see it, so I'll be specifying here how much I'll pay for something.

Right now I am Not Buying.

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Lol Meme

The FIRST FIVE PEOPLE to comment in this post get to request a DOODLE of any character of their choosing. In return they HAVE TO POST this in their journal, regardless of ability.

Plushies For Sale/Custom Commissions Open

Hey there, would you like to order a plushie?

They are approx. 2 in. Long, and 1 in. tall!  Order now, Details Below.

Here is a picture of a kitty I've done.  It has a white collar with a bell on it.


Each one is $6.00 Shipped

If you would like to add any accessories it is +$1 to the final order.

Say you want three cats, each one with a scarf, it would be $19 Shipped.

These come from a cat friendly home.

They may smell a little bit like incense.

Shipping will take long.
I do not ship inernationally.

I have three colors of Minky or Super Long Minky Available:
Normal Green
Normal Yellow
Long Blue

I can go out and purchase more, but this may take awhile.

Fleece Available:

I can purchase more.

And I also have a light blue and dark blue Soft unknown material.

Any questions?
Feel free to ask.

I can do pokemon, animals. stuff from anime, but not bakugan or digimon
I ship from the US

Custom Minimon/Animals

Tine Pokemon or other animal plush!  1x2 in!

More examples coming soon!

Anyway, they are only $6.00 apiece shipped, I won't ship outside the US
Ask for my Paypal E-Mail if you want it ^^

You need to tell me this info:
How Many
US or somewhere else

*NEW* You can add $3.00 to ANY order to customize ALL of the Pokemon in your order!  Eg, you want a Vulpix and a Mew, you can add three dollars to the twelve to get a total of fifteen for a purple vulpix and a shiny mew! Entirely optional.

Working on now:
(Finished all of your other order, sending out tom.!)
  All done, sending out tom.!
Waiting to be confirmed:
quaizr's team